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  • Beyonce and Adele to Perform at First Lady Michelle Obama's 50th Birthday Bash
    Beyonce and Adele to Perform at First Lady Michelle Obama's 50th Birthday Bash


    And 'it anchors a year of distance, but First Lady Michelle Obama has already booked today two of his singers most loved for his 50 ° birthday bash to the White House. Grammy Award winners Adele and Beyonce Knowles has been asked of the lady Obama make To - list holiday deprived next year on January 17, with the singer reported "Skyfall" already accepted the invitation.
    "First Lady of the United States will be in possession of one huge celebrity richly in holiday for his birthday to the White House next year and, as she adores Adele and Beyonce, he has asked that it is to sing", it has revealed an anonymous fountain. "Adele has kindly agreed and his compensation renounced usually for the high outline private performance. She will sing a selection of his passages most loved for First Lady and his friends."
    First Lady, which is taking much care for his new hairstyle with the recent fringe acquisition, is said a great fan to herself about the British singer and he will pay all the expenses that will be supported to lead 24-year-old artist to his private holiday. "Obama he will pay Adele's expenses because it is a private holiday, not one a state", it has added the fountain.
    In the meantime, Beyonce is a shoe-in for the party star, well-known to be a supporter of Obama and a family friend. After inauguration has sung the national hymn on the back according to sent Mister President in the January, the R 'n' B goddess plans to accept the invitation to sing to 50 ° birthday of First Lady, which it admires openly like one of the ideal models of this generation.