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  • A Man Arrested After Jumping on Stage During Adele Win at Grammys
    A Man Arrested After Jumping on Stage During Adele Win at Grammys


    Vitalli Sediuk must face the consequence of 55 breaks ° last edition of Grammy Awards Sunday night, February 10. The house master TV Ukrainian, who once has tried to kiss Will Smith on the red carpet of "Men in Black 3" première to Moscow, has been arrested after they present to themselves on the box without invitation after it has been announced Adele like the winner of Best Solo Pop Performance.
    The prize has been delivered by Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull his frequent collaborator. "And 'an honour to receive this prize. I love you, Adele," Sediuk has said on the box during his first prowess J.Lo it made it a sign of distance. And 'been seized by the certainty, once gone out of the phase and it has been taken in custody from the police with the accusation of violation of domicile.
    "Oh my God, I feel myself like Lindsay Lohan", it has commented on his prowess to E! News. "I have not asked for the people where I can find inside and this that is the direction, then I have only followed the persons. So the person who followed was Katy Perry and the persons really run his up to the first row."
    "Grammy is huge, it is like Oscar, like 300 of certainty, policeman and things of the family and it has been easy to enter," it has gone on. "I really do not believe at this point what I am making anything of illegal one, because I have not the documents with me to whom I should be here during the event, but I was excited."
    Sediuk has been released On Monday about 5000 dollars security and in program to appear in court on March 4.
    In correlated news, Adele has rejected the voice that she is a feud with Chris Brown. I have been represented the two in front of the wide one in what has been asserted of being a comparison, but the sensation of British singing quickly made clear like a reciprocal admiration. "Chris Brown and I compliment the one other in that photo in fact!" so it has explained.