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  • Adele Rumored Revealing Her Son's Name Through Her Necklace
    Adele Rumored Revealing Her Son's Name Through Her Necklace


    Adele, who it has been a super secret of his newborn son, might have revealed the name of his child. The English singer has been sighted recently it was putting on a necklace in which it explains in detail "Angel", when the shopping to West Hollywood child boutique beautiful-Child.
    To feed the voices, a fountain has said to the Sun, "it has been said Adele's collaborators that the child calls himself Angel. We are not sure of the meaning of the name. He has wanted to hold it quietly, but it was always it is about to go out beforehand or then."
    The fountain has added: "To put Angelo's necklace on not only carries out the backup of this that is said, that it suggests that it is not worried about the persons to find outside."
    Adele has given to the light his first son with the fiance Simon Konecki at the end of 2012. It has carried his joy bundle for the United States with her has attended Golden Globe Awards where it has won Better Original Song.
    "I do not share his name in this moment. 'Very personal for me. I am enjoying it alone", he has said behind the fifth ones of the manifestation. "I have as soon as call it a little little nut".